Luxurious Canvases Various Sizes


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Amante Photography’s Canvases are made in Australia by a family owned business and have won numerous awards for their quality, including a medal in the State Queensland PICA / Printing Industries & Craftsmanship Awards.

This is a beautiful 380gsm Fine-Art Cotton/Poly Blend Canvas printed on the most technologically advanced printing equipment available. You can always shop with confidence knowing that your canvas will arrive hand wrapped, bubble wrapped for extra protection in it’s custom re-inforced box. Our Canvases offer a fine structure which is particularly good for fine art photo printing. Its bright white point provides clear fresh colours and contrasts for black and white reproductions. It’s bright white, poly-cotton canvas guarantees archival standards. Its premium, semi-gloss inkjet coating Canvas meets the highest industry standards regarding density, colour gamut, colour graduation and image sharpness.

All our canvases are guaranteed not to fade for 200+ Years. We use genuine HP (Eco-Friendly) Inks that will not fade for 3+ years outdoors or 200+ years indoors (out of direct sunlight).

Luxurious Canvas Luxurious Canvas Luxurious Canvas Luxurious Canvas Luxurious Canvas Luxurious Canvas

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10inch by 10inch/25cm by 25cm, 12inch by 12inch/30cm by 30cm, 16inch by 16inch/40cm by 40cm, 19.5inch by 19.5/49.5cm by 49.5cm, 20inch by 20inch/50cm by 50cm, 24inch by 24inch/60cm by 60cm, 30inch by 30inch/76cm by 76cm, 33inch by 33inch/84cm by 84cm, 40inch by 40inch/101cm by 101cm, 8inch by 12inch/20cm by 30cm, 11inch by 14inch/28cm by 35cm, 12inch by 16inch/30cm by 40cm, 14.5inch by 19inch/37cm by 48cm, 16inch by 20inch/51cm by 40cm, 16inch by 24 inch/40cm by 61cm, 20inch by 24inch/51cm by 61cm, 20inch by 30inch/51cm by 76cm, 20inch by 36inch/51cm by 91cm, 24inch by 40inch/61cm by 101cm, 28inch by 42inch/71cm by 106cm, 30inch by 40inch/76cm by 101cm, 40inch by 48inch/101cm by 122cm, 40inch by 60inch/101cm by 152cm, 40inch by 78inch/101cm by 198cm, 10inch by 20inch/25cm by 51cm, 12inch by 24inch/60cm by 30cm, 12inch by 30inch/30cm by 76cm, 12inch by 36inch/30cm by 91cm, 20inch by 32inch/51cm by 81cm, 16inch by 36inch/40cm by 91cm, 10inch by 40inch/25cm by 101cm, 16inch by 40inch/40cm by101cm, 20inch by 40inch/51cm by 101cm, 19.5inch by 42inch/49cm by 106cm, 14inch by 50inch/35cm by 127cm, 20inch by 48inch/50cm by 122cm, 16inch by 60inch/40cm by 152cm, 20inch by 60inch/50cm by 152cm, 30inch by 60inch/76cm by 152cm


Horizontal, Vertical


Mirrored edges (favourite option), Picture wrap (uses part of your image on the sides), Colour wrap (uses a colour of your choice on the sides), No wrap (uses the white canvas on the side)


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